May 16, 2021

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Line of Duty 6: Chloe Bishop was praised as the “ true champion of AC-12 ” by Episode 7 viewers

Duty line Fans might be quite frustrated with the ending, but they praise one particular character.

After years of revealing the identity of the mysterious rotten brass final calling the shots in a secret union known as “H,” the sixth series has finally revealed its identity.

Supervisor Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) and Dee Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) and Dee-Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) spent each series in a relentless attempt to uncover corruption.

* Follow spoilers – you’ve been warned *

However, while they are all hard-working, it has been noted that all of the clues leading to Ian Buckles (Nigel Boyle) as the “fourth man” were discovered by D.C. Chloe Bishop (Shalom Braun-Franklin).

Bishop was introduced in the sixth series as a replacement for Fleming in AC-12.

Quickly proving that she was just as capable, she stood alone against the Buckells and DS Joanne Davidson (Kelly MacDonald) while she was under the control of an organized crime group.

While Hastings, Arnott and Fleming are leading the charge in revealing the person responsible for the murder of reporter Jill Villa (Andy Osho), Bishop returns to AC-12 headquarters, discovering key information.

The first clue that led to Buckels’ identification was Villa’s report on the 2003 murder case of Lawrence Christopher prior to her murder.

Bishop explained that, in conjunction with the murders, the police had received a number of communications naming a small number of white youths with a history of racial violence.

Chloe Bishop Shalom Bron-Franklin ‘Solve It All’


However, due to Chief Inspector Marcus Thorwell (James Nesbitt), these young men had not been interviewed for at least a week with forensic evidence never secured from their homes.

This left the case against the suspects “flimsy,” and when an identification display finally occurred, the suspects shaved their heads, making it difficult for witnesses to notice them. They were released without charge and granted anonymity.

Working with Thurwell at this time was … Buckells.

Fast forward to the end, and he is the bishop who directs the research who discovers that Buckells’ spelling of “definitely” dates back to Lawrence Christopher’s case, which reveals him to be an “H”.

Viewers picked up on this, with many feeling frustrated that she wasn’t getting the praise she clearly deserves.

A fan posted a still photo of Bishop, with the caption: “Just to talk to you, I’ve discovered again, on my own, everything.”

Another viewer added: “Well, everyone is disappointed, but can we talk about my gal, Chloe, who alone carries AC-12 on her back.”

One tweet quipped: “Someone is taking Khloe to paracetamol. Her back must be sore after carrying AC-12 in this series as she resolves everything.”

Fans are fiercely critical of The Final Episode for its “boring” revelation of “H” even though some suggest the clues linked to Buckells were around early in the first series.

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