May 10, 2021

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Steve Marriott: The Forgotten Rock Star


Thirty years ago, Steve Marriott died in a house fire. Almost certainly smoking in his bedroom, he tried to escape in the middle of the night, opening the wrong door and entering the locker instead of exiting the room to safety. In this strange way, the world has lost one of the greatest rock stars.

Lots of people under the age of 40 might be somewhat stunned by this statement, because they haven’t even heard of Marriott. So, the cheeky Cockney, the leader of two world-famous bands, the forgotten rock star, became a man whose talent should have placed him in the immortal gods of rock, but who went from selling arenas and stadiums to playing to a few hundred people in bars, and his name is rarely mentioned now.

Add to this the fact that his voice, the envied of his most famous peers, was the most affectionate of any white singer, and a wonderful life story with a mega drink, drug abuse and an inner demon – he called Melvin – who was responsible for destroying not just hotel rooms but relationships with members Band and wives.