May 16, 2021

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Duty line: Will there be Season 7 or Season 6 the last?

Duty line Fans wonder about the future of the show Now the final series is nearing an end.

With only one episode of the sixth BBC Drama Outing still remaining, viewers naturally wonder if more is on the way.

The channel has yet to announce a seventh series, which left fans wondering if Sunday Night (May 2) could serve as an overall finale for the show.

Supporting this concern is the fact that the AC-12 appears to be on the verge of dissolution, with supervisors Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) being forced into retirement by his superiors.

About the possibility of a new series, creator Jade Mercurio said Radio Times In March: “We are in a situation where it is not entirely clear that there will be a seventh series.”

“We hope that is possible. But we have to do the exit planning for Covid, and a whole bunch of other things around the idea that these things are not foolproof at all now,” he added.

When asked if there would be another series, Dunbar himself expressed hope during its appearance Good morning Britain Monday (April 19).

Vicky McClure as DI Kate Fleming in ‘Line of Duty’


It looks like fans will have to wait for the dramatic outcome of the sixth series before knowing if more is on the way.

However, with more than 10 million views to watch the final episode, it seems unlikely that the BBC will want to dedicate time to one of its greatest successes.

Viewers are busy predicting who the final member of “H” – also known as “The Fourth Man” – will be revealed as on tonight’s episode.

Duty line Closes on Sunday 2 May at 9 pm on BBC One.