May 9, 2021

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Ian Buckles from Line of Duty: Fans believe clues point to H.

With the sixth season of Duty line Near the end, speculation continues about the identity of the “fourth man”.

Formerly referred to as “H,” “the fourth man” is the name given to a traitor within the upper ranks of the police force, who has been secretly pulling the strings for the OCG (Organized Crime Group) the whole time. Duty linerunning.

Viewers have identified a number of candidates who could be traitors, including Supervisor Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar), Detective Chief Patricia Carmichael (Anna Maxwell Martin) and even Dee Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure).

One character some viewers would suspect is Ian Buckels (Nigel Boyle), the superintendent in charge of the kill squad at Hillside Lane.

Buckells was in charge of the paperwork that gave the OCG an unremarkable window to replace Terry Boyle with Carl Banks’ apartment early in the season.

It was also revealed in part of this season that he had persuaded Deborah Devereux (Keri MacLean) with a false testimony to link Terry Boyle with the murder of Villa. Buckells enjoyed a romantic relationship with Devereux, after she stepped in when she was arrested for assault years earlier.

Devereux played a willing witness, but their ruse was torn apart by the AC-12 realization.

Then, the Buckells were arrested by AC-12, who also found a laptop (a key piece of evidence in the Gail Vella crime investigation) hidden in his car.

Nigel Boyle as Ian Buckles in Line of Duty

(BBC / World Production)

However, he has denied any knowledge of how this happened, and in last week’s episode, Joe Davidson (Kelly MacDonald) admitted to framing him.

Accordingly, Carmichael begins actions to release the Buckells.

However, some viewers identified a number of other clues that meant Buckles could be revealed as the “fourth man.”

For one thing, there was an evil computer hiring Ryan Pilkington. Earlier in the season, Joe Davidson claimed Pilkington had been moved to Hillside Lane at the express request of Buckles.

The Buckells are interrogated by AC-12 midway through Line of Duty’s sixth season

(BBC / World Production)

Viewers also noticed a framed picture of a person playing golf, hanging on the wall in Buckles’ office. Could this be a nod to “The Caddy” and the OCG’s fondness for golf?

In Episode Six, Carmichael and Hastings investigate why Davidson was hired in the Villa murder case, and they present a note that Buckels wrote recommending her – even though he never worked with her.

However, Buckles subsequently denied writing the note, leaving the possibility of fraud open.

People shared their guesses about the Buckells on social media, with one writing, “I’ve never felt this certain of H.”

Another wrote, “Buckells is my choice for H with Keyser Soze’s method revealed at the end.”

Another wrote, “I sincerely think being a Buckles would be a good development.” “Was everyone fooled into thinking it was absolutely useless to get rid of the smell but it turned out to be the ultimate mastermind?”

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Duty line Closes at 9 pm on BBC One on Sunday (May 2).